Even as a kid Chip Morton wanted to create images with a camera. His parents forbid him to touch one for fear he would destroy it. Wading into the ocean to document his brother David surfing with a forbidden Instamatic camera was the first time he touched a shutter release. From that point on, he was hooked. In fact, soon after, he registered for his first photography classes.

After school he worked in camera stores learning every detail imaginable about photography and the photographic processes. In the late eighties he worked as a professional assistant in some of Orange Counties larger commercial photography studios before opening his own studio in Temecula, California. After twenty years of product photography Chip is focusing on fine art landscape photography.

Chip still does product photography, but chances are you’re more likely to catch him at Swami’s beach or at Joshua Tree National Park. Chip is a consummate professional, a master of articulating light and surface, and has a unique talent for seeing dynamic compositions. Keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions and gallery shows. If you’re searching for quality images, your search is over.